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Orphic Vellum Books

Orphic Vellum Books is an esoteric bookstore personally curated by Wednesday Mourning. Within you will find a myriad of subjects that interest me from antique medical books to Celtic mythology, with a special focus on antiquarian books from the 1800's. I have been an avid book collector for the last 20 years and I am always on the hunt for interesting items, therefore I will be updating this store frequently. Thanks for visiting! -WM

All Orphic Vellum books include a signed custom bookplate created by the very talented Jeremy Hush. (not adhered to book) Plus all first time orders will also receive a signed Wednesday Mourning print to show my appreciation. :)

Sincere thanks to everyone that has supported this new venture of mine!     

*Orphic Vellum bookplates are printed on self-adhesive paper with a peel-off backing. Our paper, adhesive backing, and ink are archival quality and acid-free.
Regarding Sold Out Books: Certain books sell out immediately when I post them on my various social networks. To give some dedicated collectors a head start I will send out an email 24 hours in advance to those on my Orphic Vellum newsletter list before I post them on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to be included in this please sign up for our newsletter. 
To those interested in a book that is sold out please contact me directly, I may be able to find another copy. Thanks!!

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